Oh, feels like a Monday. I’m cold; house set at just 67, but that’s cold to me. No word yet from renter on buying the house! He has no credit, so I guess that’s a problem!
My friend scored big points with me by bringing me a big bag of Garrett’s popcorn from Chicago….mmmmmm!! Homemade caramel corn and cheese popcorn blended. Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it; its to die for! Oh, she also took my 12-year old to Chicago and ESPN Zone for the day….BIG points!
Have I mentioned lately what a sucker for dogs I am? There’s a cutie in Ohio who’s family is heartbroken they are moving to Europe and can’t take the dog…needs a home. I wish I could find him one! I just can’t imagine THREE dogs in our house!!
Okay, I’m a sucker for kids, too. I took my “little sis” out to the mall yesterday, since it was a holiday. Oh yes, I’m also assistant director for “Dessert Theater”, an original musical production of 120+ teenagers at our church. Its….interesting….trying to rein in all that energy. We have just 4 weeks to pull it all together for a weekend of performances.