Imagine a large warehouse-or-gym-type room, with dozens of people standing around chatting, and about 25-30 big, furry dogs chasing around amongst them…that’s a Doodle Romp! Its a hoot! Labradoodles, goldendoodles, and weimerdoodles. White, black, reddish, or-“taupe”…long, shaggy hair, cropped poodle hair, or wiry hair. Amazing! And all nice, friendly dogs, getting along quite well (well, mine insisted on barking at everyone, but he was just trying to get them to pay attention to him). I guess its true what they say…the best traits of a golden (or lab or weimeraner) mixed with the best of a poodle. Its fun talking with people so passionate about their pets, too…no, not too many “dog people”…just nice people.
And, some adorable puppies…not shown here. (sorry, all butts here…had a hard time finding a good shot)