#1. My Little Green Machine….http://www.totalvac.com/parts/bisselllittle.html…this thing is something I lived without for oh-so-many years of kids and dogs, but NOT any more! It is a great and handy thing to have around. Unlike the old “dust-buster”-type thing of the past, which eventually loses its charge, this little thing plugs in, so is always at full power. It works even on days-old doggie stains (never feed your dog a ham bone again!).
#2. Crystal Light Lemonade; what a tasty way to get some of my daily water-intake! I also like the raspberry ice, which is kinda like kool-ade.
#3. Dunkin Donut Munchkins; my kids were ecstatic when I brought them back from Chgo…we don’t have them in Indy, apparently. Sad. Indiana is one of the fattest states in the nation, even tho we don’t have Dunkin Donuts OR Krispy Kreme! (okay, one little KK store…the other’s closed!)
#4. NutriNail; dries really quickly and is a good way to re-grow nails, including those made soft by artificial nails (no…I haven’t done artificial nails for about 6 years….and never will again!)
#5. Girl Scout Cookies! Especially those little Cafe Cookies, which are new this year, low-fat, and pleasantly spicy and crunchy. Yum!