Well, I do have a “real” job…but I also fill in a couple of shifts a week at Williams Sonoma (www.williamssonoma.com) at the mall. Since 1/2 the city of Indianapolis has migrated south to Florida for the week, I was called in to work BOTH Saturday and Sunday at the store. Eeeek! And, there are tens of thousands of tourists in town this weekend for the Final Four tourney. But alas…where are all the people? The store just wasn’t very busy today (I’m not going to count those newlyweds who returned over $600.worth of stuff!). I’m guessing the tourists were Downtown at that OTHER mall, rather than up north at OUR mall.
But, here was the best part of the day…after a long day on my feet, my husband met me at the door with a glass of wine and dinner already cooked! Will wonders never cease! And laundry done! Wow!!! He must’ve been really bored, home alone all day. (16-yr. old son headed to Florida with a friend and 12-yr. old son headed to a friend’s house)
Oh, there was another good thing today….I found a great pair of $58. trousers on sale for $16…….just in case I do get that new sales job, where I’d have to start dressing up for work again… 🙂