I was reading BusyMom’s blog (always funny) and here are 6 weird things about me…(okay, I had to pick only 6). (p.s. for other blog-challenged folks, you can click on BusyMom and see her blog)
1. If I need to remember something, I switch my wedding ring to my other finger (tho, in my old age, sometimes I still forget why I switched it!)
2. It makes me insane when someone takes something (i.e. tape, scissors, etc.) and doesn’t put it back.
3. I stretch in the shower every day.
4. My intense sense of smell is a curse! I hate bad smells! Bad breath, body odors, mildew, dirty bathrooms, etc. Ick.
5. When someone opens one window in the car, I always have to open another one, or my ears pop.
6. I used to sneak a travel mug of coffee into church, until they posted signs that said “no food or drink”…probably because of me!
So, that’s today’s list….for more, search my early bloggings for “100 things”.