Ick. Monday’s are tough enough…but especially when its cold and rainy. Its rained for the past week or so, with no end in sight for this week. Tough on a dog owner! Walks in the rain, followed by multiple paw-wipings.
Mother’s Day…here’s how I spent it; church with Grammy, Grampy, Uncle Jeff, and all kids…to see Kid#2 play bass guitar in the (loud) contemporary service. Kid #1 had to leave shortly after the service started…sick; had thrown up numerous times that morning at the house of a friend, turns out. After church I got to work retail (crazy, busy day – – why do people do their Mother’s Day shopping at 3pm on Mother’s Day and then tell ME to “hurry and wrap this QUICK!”…your lack of planning is NOT my emergency) from 1-6:30, followed by a much nicer dinner out with family. Came home, tho, to find the house a disaster! after being gone all day and leaving things to a bunch of teenaged boys and hubby (himself, a teenaged boy at heart)….what a mess! Musical instruments and cords all over the living room, including 3 laptop computers, newspapers scattered, what-looked-like-days of dirty dishes in the living room, on counters, on desk, etc. and a laundry basket still full of now-wrinkled clean clothes from the morning… Its enough to send me over the edge! They didn’t even seem to notice and took great offense to my complaining about it….