Yes, we’ll be needing more Milkbones, since we have a new guy who loves them (especially the large ones)…this is Buster. Poor guy is 10 years old, purebred English Setter, who was no longer wanted in his family; they always kept him outside, anyway (why not just buy a nice flowering bush?) and were moving to Florida. So, lucky guy will get to spend his retirement years at our own Pet Resort and Spa, enjoying life indoors along with buddies and soft spots to sleep. So far, he has acclimated quite well and we have been highly amused by his antics, including flipping all his food out of his food bowl, looking for the treats that his old owners used to hide beneath. He is very mellow and somewhat timid and my youngest son loves having him sleep in his fancy wicker crate right next to his bed! To see more, click here