Yes, folks, the Indy 500 is kinda a big deal. They weren’t kidding when they named it “The Greatest Spectacle…” I’m not a racing fan, but you can’t help but get caught up in some of it all…for instance, there’s Danica Patrick….best perfomance by a rookie EVER in last year’s race, pretty, photogenic….on the cover of over a dozen magazines this past year and selling everything from Secret Deodorant to… whatever. She made over a million $$ last year in racing, and probably double that in appearances, merchandise (her stuff sells 10-1 over everyone else’s), endorsements, etc. And, she alone has brought people back to the sport in droves!
Then there are the Indy 500 Princesses! An old friend’s daughter was one of the 33 girls out of 250 or so that applied. Grades, charm, and looks; they’re ambassadors for the whole festival, so eat at some banquet probably every meal of the month. Plus, they get a scholarship, wardrobe, jewelry, get to ride around the track in a convertible on race day, plus the parade, yadda yadda….it would be good to be a princess! Maybe my daughter will try next year? Today she’s out at the track demo-ing XM Satellite Radio and the very-cool IPod-like radios they now have….the IPod-thingies are free, but the earbuds are $400……..that’s the line, anyway 🙂
No, I won’t go to the race….middle son will go with friends, daughter will work there and peek in on the race during a break….I, however, will be working my usual Sunday retail gig. Whatever.