Mom’s Laundry Rules

Dirty clothes:
Do not leave ANY dirty clothes in the laundry room unless they are in the sorter. This includes towels.

Single items:
All items must be singles; no double t-shirts or boxers inside of shorts.

A towel is used on a clean body, and thus does not get very dirty…SO…you may use it numerous times before throwing it in the laundry.

Note: the laundress will now only wash 1 towel per person per week. Any others will be returned to you in the condition you sent it.

Check all pockets before you put dirty items in the laundry. Cell phones, money, pens, belts, and love notes will become the sole property of the laundress.

Dirty clothes:
Clothes that are folded or still have the crease marks on them are not to be considered “dirty”. Just because you don’t want to put them away doesn’t mean I want to rewash them! I think Goodwill would love to have these items.

Folded clothes rule:
When those clean clothes miraculously appear in your room, graciously thank the saintly person who lovingly placed them there and PUT THEM AWAY! (in drawers, folded).

Note: Failure to do this in the future will result in a generous contribution to Goodwill. Again, they’ll really like your stuff!

If you do happen to feel the whim to do a load of laundry, you MUST first fold whatever is in the dryer. DO NOT leave it unfolded or jammed into a teensy laundry basket. And do not leave your clean/semi-clean/dirty clothes in the laundry room for more than ½ day, disrupting the usual flow of laundry.

Note: Laundry left in the washer, etc. may be subject to hot drying.