Just chillin’ with Buster, the former yard-dog, who has acclimated quite well to life “inside”…with all the perks!

Yes, it is a L-O-N-G drive from Indy to Evansville and back in one day! 6+ hours of travel for a 2-hr. meeting. *yawn* But I think we got the business…should know soon.

  • It was a beautiful day, tho, and we did drive through the Hoosier National Forest.
  • I love my carpet cleaner, Tim…well, not THAT way…but because everything feels so much cleaner when he’s finished….no more pet and kid dirt…for a couple days, anyway
  • Why don’t cats always use the litter box?!?!?!?
  • We took the 3 dogs to a football field tonight (its fenced in) and had a blast watching them joyfully running around. Buster, the new English Setter, is quite “birdy” and takes off after birds. Charlie, looks huge and Irish Wolfhound-like when he runs and is FAST and Rex is quite chubby, so the exercise did him good. They had a blast!
  • Went to an art fair this weekend and wish I was motivated enough to make a big bunch of my jewelry to sell at a show like that; earrings that I pop out in about 5 minutes were selling for $20! and bracelets for over $100. when I KNOW that I pay about $30. to make them…
  • 16-year old son is re-discovering his athletic talents in summer P.E. this month. Coaches are asking him what he’s decided re: which sport he’ll go out for in the fall…how flattering!
  • We’re slowly putting together house stuff for 20-year old daughter who’s moving into a rental this fall for her jr. year at college. She’s so excited. I’m glad to get rid of some extra stuff!