As you may know (if you ever actually read this blog), I started a new job last week…in a very nice, fairly new building. There is a deli and a fabulous “backyard”, which is a patio with neato tables, etc. overlooking a jogging trail and a huge field of flowers. So, yesterday I took my grilled cheese outside to catch up on the morning paper and enjoy an unusually lovely day in Indianapolis, as I listened to various birds chirping and took in the fresh air. I was barely finishing the first half of my sandwich when it happened. 3 people burst out the door, barely making it outside, before their cigarettes were lit ….so much for my fresh air on the patio! Apparently if I want the REAL fresh air, I have to walk along the jogging trail to ANOTHER patio way out in the middle of the field…and hope no one follows me! What is right about this? Isn’t it only about 20% of the population that smokes these days, and we all have to inconvenienced by their bad habits.