Well, really 8:30 to 5. Slowly acclimating to this working-away-from-home stuff. The kids are tired of me calling and asking “did you take the dog out?”, but I am a bit of a control-freak and I need to be sure that these things are still being taken care of. I miss the freedoms of home, the dogs, being around the kids more, etc. Here at work (oops, I’m not working much right this minute, now am I?), I still feel very isolated from the others who work here; not a whole lot of interaction yet. And on the other hand, I sit practically in the middle of the room, so everyone hears every single word I utter on the phone (duh; I’m in sales, so I’m on the phone a lot), and they can see my computer screen, too (I hate that!). There is NO privacy…which is exactly the opposite of what I had at home these past 2 years.
But then, I expected there to be adjustments. This is my 4th week here….adjustments still under way. What helps is…I made my first sale last week….Hurray! One giant leap for me, one small step towards the goal 🙂