Monday morning after a great weekend…Our friends invited us to their rented cottage on the lake, which is less than an hour south of Indy, in Brown County. It was wonderful! The HOUSE was big enough to sleep 14, so we didn’t feel like we were tripping over each other. It is right on the water, with a dock right there, and a pontoon boat that we used quite a bit. There were also tons of rafts and floating chairs with cup holders, so I spent a lot of time floating and reading a Nora Roberts novel, while hubby stayed out of the sun under the canopy of the pontoon, he boated around the lake. In return for their letting us sponge off them, I brought tons of food and cooked breakdfast and dinner on Saturday, plus s’mores for the campfire on Friday night. I’d made meatballs ahead and froze them, (and cole slaw or lunch), so we had spaghetti Saturday night, and the kids helped me make “Mc(insert your last name here) sandwiches” for breakfast; English muffins with eggs and bacon and cheese. I’d brought stuff for French toast for Sunday, but we all ended up with cereal, so I left it for them for later. What’s a vacation without constant food, anyway?
Saturday night, K1 and K2 headed back home, so K1 could work Sunday at 9:30 and K2 could play in the youth band in 2 services at church. Their teenaged boy left Saturday night, too, ’cause he had to work….there were comings and goings all weekend, really. You needed a chart to keep track of the 4 teens. Their daughter had 2 friends over the weekend, then they left and son brought back 5 friends last night!! Mom figured the house was big enough, and the kids would be happier, so she didn’t care (altho she was panicking a bit about having enough food for all those 18-year old boys!)
My K1 also then picked the dogs up from the boarding place, on Sunday morning. We no longer have a dog sitter!! I was in a panic, having to find a place for them very last minute, but it worked out fine. They seem none the worse for wear; all 3 stayed in one big dog run/cage together for 2 nights. On the invoice, they kept referring to Charlie as “Charles BARKley”, so I guess I know what he was doing the whole time he was there!
Anyway, it was a really fun weekend. K1 ended up going back down there last night (we passed her on the highway) with their daughter, and gets to stay until Wednesday morning, since she didn’t have to work. K2, however, has to pack to leave for Mexico/southern California tomorrow at 6:30am. Luckily hubby is off this week (and next?) so K3 will have him to entertain him…