Sometimes I wish I lived in an apartment with a nice clubhouse and pool. Not that I don’t love my house, mind you…but the chores related to homeownership…and the financial drain! sometimes get tedious. Take my deck, for instance (please!). Hubby spent about 6 hours powerwashing it on his day off last week, and then we spent another..well, let’s think…at least 6 hours staining it; after long days at work.
Now it looks great! But whew! And the furniture has been sitting out on the lawn for over a week; I’m sure the golfers who walk by just love that look.
Now, we have to move on to the porch floor, which was also powerwashed, but we will “porch paint” it….as soon as we get to it, since it needs to be primed first and its a messy, oil-based job. I’ll think about it tomorrow…