Mom gets to clean his room! There cannot possibly be a worse bedroom than my 16-year old son’s…I wish I’d had the foresight to photograph it BEFORE I went it. He is a highly intelligent and great kid, but lives in utter filth. Mounds of clothes on the floor. Mounds of clothes on the desk (oh, was that a desk under there? who knew!). Mounds of clothes on the closet floor. Mounds of clothes on the bed. Sheeesh! What was left for this kid to wear on his body, and where did he sleep? Why was there a whole pile’s worth of some other kid’s clothes? Anyway, he left for 2 weeks, so I, armed with hefty lawn bags, a shop-vac, Febreeze, and a shovel, spent many hours digging through to uncover carpet and furniture. One large bag went to Goodwill, one large bag to the trash, and at least 25 books were unearthed that are now lined up neatly on his desk. Will he miss those Goodwill clothes? Heck no…he only pulls stuff from the top of each pile anyway! Will those clothes remain neatly organized and stacked on the closet shelves? Doubtful. Will he find “new” clothes to wear? Oh yes….we probably won’t have to do laundry for a month now! There were 20 socks just under and behind his bed! (I know…it was quite a risk looking under a teenaged boy’s bed…but I didn’t find anything surprising…but did find 2 blankets he’s been missing.) And he has a whole corner for music, now; 2 guitars, a keyboard, French horn, amplifier, music files (er, you don’t really think he had a FILE for sheets of music he’d downloaded, do you?!).
It looks fabulous! But alas…..he returns tonight. By tomorrow I’ll be able to get that photograph for you 🙂