I admit it. I still carry an extra 25 pounds since the birth of my son…13 years ago! Research shows that’s typical for an American woman; 10 pounds per decade. But I’m not happy about it! And I want it gone…NOW! So, I’m trying to adjust my eating habits and specifically what I eat. I definitely consume too much sugar, and I’m sure too much “white stuff”…flour, etc. so I’m really trying to cut back a little at a time, ’til I’ve eliminated it. But beyond that its so hard to figure out what is good and what is bad for you, because there are so many “experts” out there telling you so many different things! What do I eat? What don’t I eat? Raw almonds and pomegranates? A glass of red wine and a baby aspirin? Dark chocolate and oatmeal? WHAT?!?!?