I AM a slug! I just finished some Indiana State Fair kettle corn (yeah…the kind with sugar…shut up!)…and I’m sitting here thinking about running. Thinking. Thinking that I haven’t been doing much running in the past (don’t count with me) weeks. Eeek. So, I’m fat, depressed, and my digestion has all but stopped. Yikes. Sure, I take my 3 big dogs for walks every day…at least a mile, often 2, and the exercise is enough to cause new aches that running never did…but I sadly realize it just isn’t enough to really count towards weight loss or real fitness.
SO……count me back in, guys! D + K + K + K + K + C (you really have to have a name that starts with a K to be in this running group)….I’ll be there on Tuesday at 5:15am! Yes! I will! I really will! (well, unless the temp is above 80 or the humidity is above 90…) I’m back, just like I was last year in this pic! :0 Look at that form, ladies!