Let’s establish up front; I held a job with a company for 16 years. That’s loyalty, ladies, considering I went through 3 buildings and at least 8 different sales managers.
However, looking at my resume now, I suddenly look like a “job hopper”, with 3 jobs in the past 2 years (4 if you include the parttime retail gig). Well, actually I didn’t add that last 5-weeks of employ with the bitchy and secretive boss. She’s one of those people who always puts a “face” on, so you never really have any idea what she’s really like or what she’s really thinking. In the end, it turns out she was thinking of ways she could get rid of me! My guess is, she had someone else in mind to hire, but her boss made her hire me instead.
So, anyway, since I’ve been burned again, I am that much more gun-shy. I am so hesitant to take a job and am looking at every potential employer with a more skeptical eye, always wondering if they’re “for real” or not. Its gonna be tough this time; I really need to find something that fits so well that I don’t have to move again for, say…another 16 years!