Kid #2 is a junior in high school. Gosh!  Remember that year?  Its pretty intense;  senior year you know you can slack off, but colleges really look at junior year. And his year is a doozy;  Calculus, US History, German, Music Appreciation, English, Advanced Composition, Chemistry, Religion (ah…a Catholic private school;  he got in on the “diversity clause” since we’re not Catholic!), and Band!  That’s 9 classes in an 8-period day.  Plus 0-hour Marching for band (that’s before 1st period).  Whew!  And, they’re all advanced classes, but that’s another story…Check out this if you really want to know about the IB programme.

Anyway, so far, so good.  He’s happy, well-adjusted, and seemingly doing fine in week #3.  But we all know that could change at any time.  After all, he is a 16-year old boy! 🙂