I used to think that families who were dysfunctional had divorce or suicides or incest or some awful things lurking, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized this is not necessarily true.  Probably most families are dysfunctional, in fact.  We all put up with rudeness from our family members, perhaps a fair amount of insensitivity and even their self-centered-ness, but why?  Maybe its because even though people age, they still act as they always have when they’re in the company of siblings, parents, etc.  The youngest will always be the youngest, the middle child will always have those middle child issues, parents will always treat their children somewhat like they are still children, etc.  Sad.  Sad for those of us who think we’ve grown up and achieved a certain amount with our lives, only to be dashed back to earth by the very people who should care about you the most.  I don’t totally fault them, mind you, because they can’t help themselves and in fact, don’t even realize they’re doing anything.  Those patterns are their paradigms;  they don’t hear when they say something which could be construed as hurtful or know that they haven’t heard a word you were trying to say.

I guess that’s why you have friends;  at least you can choose them! 🙂