Whew!  Its a good thing that I finally found a job (starting tomorrow…yeah!).  I was running out of projects to complete.  Here’s a condensed list of what I’ve done while I’ve been home for a month:

  • refinished kitchen table
  • sewed 3 pillows
  • made various pieces of jewelry for friends and family
  • cleaned out 2 closets
  • washed 12 couch cushions (thanks, cats!…I hope your new home is less stressful for you)
  • gardened
  • moved living room furniture around
  • etc. etc…..I’m dangerous when I’m home alone 🙂

Wish me luck on my new job!  I think I’m going in, feet to the fire, right away!  Very busy season for the company and I’ll be in the thick of it.  I hope its as fun as I imagine!