I have entered a new world, unlike any you’ve probably ever experienced. Its the world of the high school marching band, and its not for the faint of heart. This time of year is ripe with band competitions, featuring dozens of marching bands, each consisting of at least 100-200 teenagers (and their own cheering sections), concentrating hard on rolling their feet in the perfect marching gait, hitting “their mark” on a certain yard line at a certain beat, holding a heavy instrument high in the air (but not knocking off that plumed hat!)….all while playing music with no mistakes! Whew! Oh yes, there are also props and flags and twirlers and drum majors perched precariously on 15 foot ladders.
Throw in some hormones and Y-chromosomes and you’ve got a very volatile event…and I am now smack dab in the middle of 17 of these events, between now and the end of November. Its sure to be exhilirating and exhausting…fabulous and freakin’ crazy, too. Wish me luck…and lots of energy and patience!