My husband and I admittedly live a suburban life in middle American. But once in awhile our media jobs allow us to do some pretty cool things. Last night we were part of a small reception in someone’s home, for a delegation of VIP’s from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. How fascinating to carry on conversations about the intricacies of cataloging specific pieces so the average American can find and appreciate them, about the cosmopolitan lives of people who’d already lived in numerous states and multiple countries, and about the comparison of the merits of different art museums. Our hosts themselves are unique; she was born in Taiwan, raised in Guatemala and Spain, as her father was a foreign dignitary; she now teaches university art in Anchorage, while living in the midwest! He is an accomplished pianist who discussed the accoustical differences between a Steinway and Baldwin piano, yet works in the Informatics Academic world!
How mundane our life is, but then again, everything is relative; our home would be considered practically a mansion by New York or London standards, our kids are well-grounded and yet not too sheltered, we both have jobs that are improving the future of the next generation.
P.S. they have a great website… You can even shop the gift shop!