Do you do this, too? Start the new week with big plans…usually weight-related! Yep…I had yogurt and all-natural granola for breakfast (even with flaxseed…now that’s really good!), have my water bottles lined up on my desk, lunch packed with healthy food, etc. but something always happens…often around 3:00 on Monday afternoon. That’s when someone’s bowl of M & M’s starts beckoning…or the gang decided to go OUT for lunch, instead of eating IN….or whatever.
How many years have I been telling myself that I need to lose 10 pounds…or 20 pounds,which is what I still carry after that last pregnancy (yes, he’s 13 now…shut up!). I exercise regularly, eat a pretty healthy diet….but still cannot lose it, and, in fact, have actually slipped upward a few pounds with age creeping…that really sucks.
I guess something I read recently really is true; the difference between thin people and overweight people is really quite small; a couple cookies a day, chips with lunch, etc. That’s me. Here I am. 200 extra sweet calories per day. Ugh. That’s 2 extra miles a day I need to start running to counterbalance that. So, I’m taking it one day at a time. Today…raw almonds for that 3pm craving. And maybe popcorn to replace the 8pm ice cream bar…eeek carrots would be better, I know.