Well, at least it seems like that. I’ve actually been immersed in high school marching band season, as my new job is marketing for an organization that coordinates marching band competitions. Many, many long weekends is what that means, and many miles of walking around sporting arenas. In fact, one day at the Georgia Dome I logged 11 miles on my pedometer! And that was just one day of a multi-day event!
Anyway, sorry you missed me 🙂 I’m back now, catching up with laundry (the washer broke in the midst of all that, and cost nearly $100. to be told that the switch just needed to be reset…who knew?), cleaning inches of dust off furniture and big doggie dustbunnies from the wooden floors. Just in time for Thanksgiving! There is something extremely motivating about having family over for dinner….you’re forced to clean! Especially when one of them is extremely allergic to dust and animals! Then, you can sit back and eat leftovers and enjoy your lovely clean home. 🙂
Top 5 things this month:
1. Lost 5 pounds walking around Domes.
2. Finished a household project that’s been undone for 6+ months.
3. Celebrated K3’s entry onto the Honor Roll (ADD meds work!)
4. Found a group of women who care enough about me to pray for me.
5. Survived spouse’s business trip to Kenya.