Well, because I missed so many days/weeks of entries, I have this nagging feeling that I need to “catch up”, which is something that, of course, one can never really do.
Fall Marching Band Schedule: went well; controlled chaos; now recapping
Kenya: hubby enjoyed, yet was saddened as well, by utter poverty. Loads of pictures and video.
Thanksgiving: yum. Small family gathering, but nice. All foods fabulous and 5 pounds regained.
This week:
Coffee of the Day: 8 full cups in pot, since Hubby forgot to drink some; despite the fact that its decaf, it was still a welcome addition to a very late, very unmotivated morning.
Listening to: silence; sheesh this office can be quiet! I need to turn on Pandora!
Today’s Song-on-the-Brain Selection: “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”…..eeek!
Pondering: Why didn’t I just stay home in bed?
Christmas Shop O’Meter: Thought I’d done so much already, but when I wrote it all down in list-form, realized that I’d barely made a dent.
Christmas Budget: What budget? What money? We’re pushing hand-made crafts and foods this year, folks.
Stress O’Meter: feeling headachey and somewhat ill. Send money.