Its unfair when you just can’t find a reason why things are so rotten.  I know someone who just can’t seem to get a break.  They have a house that wouldn’t sell (that’s another story), so they rented it out and lo, and behold, after a year, the renter decided to buy it.  So they negotiated and drew up a purchase agreement, which went back and forth a couple times.  Finally, the guy went to personally pick up the paperwork from the renter….only to find the renter had flown the coop.  Left.  No sign.  No forwarding address.  No longer using the same cell phone.  Disappeared.  Ah, but not without leaving behind a big mess in the house;  dark, ugly paint in every room, huge holes in walls, doorknobs hanging, clumps of stereo wires hanging from walls and ceilings,  ruined flooring…what a disaster, and 2 months behind in rent besides.  Will it never end?  This was a trust that was broken…the people trusted that renter…and he did not honor it.  What is fair in that?  How can good people be treated so poorly?  And what happens next?  An empty house, with no insurance, mortgage company demanding money, and no money to be had.  What is the good to come from  this?