This has been a long week, most likely because last week was such a short week!
17-year old son has been invited to a turn-about dance tonight at school. He is very, very smart, but also very absent-minded. This morning I realized he might need some dress shoes; he said he could maybe just wear his marching band shoes….EEEKKK!!!! I WILL NOT allow my son to go to a dance in marching band shoes! So, off I went during my lunch hour to buy him shoes. Oh yes, I also asked him on the way to school this morning if he was supposed to get a corsage…”Uh, I guess so…its so dumb! Its not like its the Prom or something!”. Ugh. teenaged boys…Needless to say, I also called and ordered a cute white wristband thing for him today, too….white, because of course he didn’t know what color dress she was wearing either. I told him that someday he was going to find some girl who was really organized and on-the-ball to make up for his absent-mindedness!