Ah, Friday…yeah, Friday! 2 stay-at-home days ahead (as K3 used to say). Its been a stressful week. Work issues, health issues; you name it issues.
But, I’m thinking about jewelry today. That’s random! Really, though…I make jewelry, you know. Necklaces occasionally, and earrings and bracelets. Necklaces are expensive, because they use so many beads, and I’m picky about using semi-precious stones and hand-blown glass, rather than icky plastic or other stuff you find at a simple crafts store.
So, I stocked up on some cool stuff at a silver trunk sale last week…wow! Had to practically tie my hands behind my back, there was so much awesome silver in that one little room….tens of thousands of dollars worth! And that was wholesale priced! I’m still deciding if I should bring a box full of jewelry to work to have people shop; boss is a little sticky about stuff that isn’t work related. We even had to wait ’til after hours to put up holiday decorations! Imagine! Bah Humbug! Maybe I’ll just bring it in and put it in the lunchroom…hmmm.
Oh yes…if you have an order for custom anything, tell me a good color and what you have in mind, and I’ll have it shipped to you within days. That even includes Mother’s bracelets with your kids’ names….