• So much for Punxatawney Phil…its going to be in the negative temps here all week!
  • I haven’t run in nearly 2 months (see above entry + surgery) so I’m feeling really fat and slovenly
  • GO COLTS!  G*O*  C*O*L*T*S!!!!!!!!!!!  31-27 win is my (I don’t know much about football) prediction.
  • Job hunting is the pits.  Met with a headhunter yesterday who pointed out that my resume pretty much sucks, I’ve had 3 jobs in the past year (duh!), etc. etc.  Of course, if I pay them, they can guarantee me a great job……at a 30% salary increase…within a year!  But who can afford to wait that long??
  • Go Colts!  Looking forward to watching the game on our good friends’ HUGE projection screen TV.
  • I’m cold;  we’ve been saving money by keeping the thermostat at 65 or so…brrr.
  • 2 teenaged sons both went to school today in full blue and white Colts face paint!