A friend of mine was in Chicago last week and said he did not see any sign of Bears Fever…no billboards, no banners, no signs in store windows, etc. that would lead you to believe that people were excited their team was going to the SuperBowl.

Here in Indianapolis…it is Colts Crazy!  Every store is decked out in blue and white, every employee sporting Colts jerseys, 8 out of every 10 people have Colts attire on.  Offices downtown have put signs in windows and changed out lights to blue and white, banners hang all over the city, every commercial is about the Colts and SuperBowl fever.

Its amazing!  People are so excited!  Tonight we’re going to our first Super Bowl party.  Duh…the game isn’t ’til tomorrow….but ole Bob doesn’t like to share his football games with anybody (he’s too intense)….so they’re having their party tonight.  Blue and white appetizers and desserts and white chili.  I’m supposed to bring an appetizer. *Note* when you add blue to salsa, it turns into a muddy color!  Oh well…I tried.  Tomorrow K3’s basketball team is getting blue-iced cupcakes, too.  How fun!

Well, I gotta go throw on a jersey for the party…just so its official, I’m publicly announcing Colts 31 and Bears 27.  (Although the Bears defense is really good and they might not let the Colts score that much….we’ll see 🙂  )