Okay, my 31-27 prediction didn’t come true (it was 29-17) details but hey…Colts win!! They worked hard and earned every point they got…good for them!
We took our 2 teenaged boys to the RCA Dome yesterday for the official Colts Rally. W*O*W….a blue and white sea of 55,000 or so people were there along with us, waiting and waiting for our beloved team to arrive with the Lombardi trophy. It was fun to be part of, but if you ask me (hey, its my blog…you don’t need to ask)…it was very poorly planned. All those people sat in the Dome from 3pm until 7pm with no concessions! And the only entertainment was the SuperBowl being played on the DiamondVision. What? No decent bands? No season recaps? No “get your picture taken with a Peyton stand-up doll”? No imagination there, I guess…..and I guess it also shows how nice Hoosiers really are; nobody killed anybody!! 🙂 No riots, no angry people, nothing thrown. Everybody was great.

Now….on to Super Bowl XLII !!