I consider myself a fairly nutritious eater. I take a multi-vitamin and a couple other supplements most days of the week, I buy juice and fruit and drink lots of water. But its hard, isn’t it? Sometimes I find myself pushing bananas and veggies to my family, only to realize that I, myself, haven’t eaten that banana or whatever. I swore I wouldn’t ever allow my children to be “picky”, but guess what? You really have no control over what goes in their mouths once they’re about 6 years old or so. I can’t force them to eat anything…even though I try! 🙂 And even though I know in my mind that a salad with dark green leafy lettuce would be a healthy choice for lunch, when I reach in the fridge I often grab the lunchmeat sandwich instead! Horrors! Healthy eating just isn’t that much fun for me. <sigh>

So, for breakfast, it was coffee, oatmeal with a slice of 10-grain toast….and a handful of chocolate chips!