Topic of conversation today; generosity.  Some people feel they’re being generous because they write a check to a charity once in awhile.  But is that really generosity?  Or is someone who gives of themselves and their time more generous?  Or the lowest income person who still tithes? 

I was somewhat sickened today to watch a cable show about lottery winners.  All showed off the “stuff” that their new riches had allowed;  $1400.per place setting dishes from Russia, carved elephant tusks (isn’t that illegal?), swimming pools, collector cars, etc.  Not one mentioned donating even a penny to charity.  That’s sick, people, just sick.  That is the most self-centered form of existence and about as UN-Christian as you can be…aren’t we supposed to be loving and giving? Isn’t that what is the most fulfilling part of our Earthly lives?