Did you know that you can tell a butterfly because, at rest, its wings remain upright, where a moth rests with its wings flat and outstretched.  Wow, what you learn on Animal Planet.

Yes, I’m still home and still unemployed.  Actually, I haven’t really been home very often this past month;  my best friend has been my 78….er, 77-year old MIL (I was corrected), as I’ve been with them about 4 times a week, driving to various doctors, therapists, groceries, restaurants, etc.  Sucks to be old, especially with your body giving out to orthopedic problems.

Last week I was in lovely Hinsdale, IL (the country’s most gorgeous suburb!) with my hospitalized Mom.  Luckily, she ended up “only” with bleeding ulcers…could’ve been a stroke, or ?? after she passed out cold at the library.  Turns out that she had a vasovegal episode…just like I’ve had dozens of times in my life!  (details; http://www.healthscout.com/ency/407/754/main.html  For some reason, the link tool isn’t working)  The worst episode for me was on an airplane, which had to abort takeoff and taxi back to the gate to my awaiting ambulance.

Anyway, Mom is feeling much better now, Grampy’s broken arm is on the mend, and I’m back to looking for a job.  Its depressing, demeaning, frustrating, embarassing, humiliating, and just generally upsetting.  Goobers who partied their way through college are now CEO’s with company cars and posh vacation homes.  Goobers who are mean to their coworkers have gotten promotions and adulaton from their bosses.

I,  a great, caring coworker, who does everything and more that is expected of me, who never misses work and is always enthusiastic to learn and excel and provide a good example to less experienced and younger employees..is the one who is unappreciated, unemployed and trying desparately to pay bills.  I, who graduated cum laude from college and in the top 10 of my 550-person high school class…is driving a dented, dog-hair filled little 4-year old cheap foreign car and counting coupons at the warehouse store.  Eeeek!  Get me out of this place!