Yeah!  The ice and sub-10 degree days, plus surgeries seem to be behind us (fingers crossed) and I am officially back running.  Slowly getting back, really, with 2 days last week and 2 this week…I really am noticing better stamina already, though, believe it or not.  Our usual 4 miles felt pretty okay today…unlike last week, when I thought surely I’d have to crawl home.

One minor setback this week….I slipped on some ice running with my 13-year old on Sunday and dislocated a shoulder as my arm flailed back wildly, trying to catch myself.  *Ouch*….. 

Son said, “Wow…is your leg okay?” because he noticed I’d nearly done the Chinese splits….when in fact it was my arm that nearly had me shouting expletives.  Luckily, it popped right back and has been sore, but appears to be okay.  I don’t have a full range of motion, but I ran this morning with no ill effects.  And, finally posted you a pic!