Its giving someone an idea, while making them feel like it was their idea all along. Its conveying a certain atmosphere, a certain comfort zone that makes someone want to be part of it. Its describing something using exactly their words and colors and photos to make someone feel comfortable. Its informing people. Its educational without being used-car-salesman-like. Its getting into their head. Its psychological without being pathological. Its fun and every-changing with society. What worked last year no longer works this year. Its hip and happening and yet still old and familiar. Its blogging and Super Bowl :30’s and postcards in your mailbox. Its your friend speaking to your Kiwanis Club and your mom telling you to use Tide and a 1/2 page ad in the Business Journal, and yes, coupons on your favorite website.
What is marketing? What do you need it to be?
Ask yourself….Exactly….Who do you need to reach and what do you need to get them to do… or think…or feel?
THAT is marketing.