I really love spring.  Spent a couple hours in the yard on Sunday cleaning out dead stuff left from the fall and raking up the mulch, etc. Made a great difference and apparently the plants breathed a deep breath of relief, because the next day the bulbs grew about 3″ taller and the trees and bushes suddenly were in bloom.  Amazing!

We bought about 5 trees in total last year, from WalMart and BigLots (last of the big spenders, I know) and all but one are looking great.  It takes so long to grow a great landscape, when you build a new house.  This will be the 3rd season, so we still have big plans….slowly, but surely, as the money comes.  We’d love to open out our tiny deck and add a stone patio, down a step or so from the deck….but that will probably have to wait until next year. We really don’t use the deck now, since its so small;  use the screened porch a lot, however, which we love!  Teenaged son, K2, and his friend, even slept out there for 1/2 the night last night…how peaceful!  I always liked that magazine ad with the bed, suspended from the ceiling on chains and thought it would be great on a porch on a cool summer’s night…<sigh>