I know 4/16/07 will forever be remembered for the horrific Virginia Tech tragedy…what possibly makes a person that insane? As a parent of a college junior, my heart goes out to all the families and friends of those poor students and teachers who started their day as any other, and ended up like no other.

In our marriage, 4/16/07 holds more significance, however. It is the day that our dream home went to sheriff’s sale. 13 years and 15 days after we moved in….yes, that means we moved in on April Fools Day!  This is the beautiful home that we built on a cul de sac in a growing neighborhood in 1994, with great plans to sell it after all three kids graduated college, at a profit large enough to help with those college loans. Smart idea, huh? Well, we neglected to take into account bad luck….within a few years, we realized the house was settling rather irregularly, which in layman’s terms translates to….”the house is leaning 6″ to one side”. Countless realtors, foundation experts, attorneys, etc. have gone over all the information and all come to the same “you’re screwed” conclusion. Even our insurance wouldn’t cover it, since they deemed it “geological”, which is only covered by earthquake insurance….which very few people in Indiana opt for. Lots of details follow, but the bottom line is, we left the house, because the stress was beginning to create health problems, we built a new one with a builder who advertises that they buy your old house if it doesn’t sell by the time the new one is done. Well, they didn’t buy it, so we were stuck with 2 homes. We rented the old one out…after a year the renter left without telling the leasing company or us….leaving behind 2 months unpaid, plus huge damage to walls, flooring, etc. (he’d cut holes for various big TV’s and speakers).

<sigh> So here we are. I’ve lost my job 3 times in 3 years. We now have a foreclosure on our record. And I’m still unemployed. And we don’t know if the mortgage company is still going to come after us for the remainder of the loan. We’re feeling extremely unlucky right now. And very, very sad. It is a beautiful home. Many people are homeless and should be able to benefit from such a place. No, we really can’t sell our current home and move back….too complicated.