As you can tell from my last post, things get pretty darned depressing around here. But, with the help of my friend, Zoloft, I try really hard to concentrate more on the positive.

Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day here, spent outside doing yard work for hours. My dog, Charlie, reminded me to enjoy it all, as he lay in the grass, head to the wind and eyes tiny slits, his mouth slightly open in an unmistakable grin.

Last night was equally beautiful, so hubby and I took the two teenaged boys for a ride in the convertible. No, we had no place to hurry to, no game to catch. We just drove around, listening to some good music, sucking down various Dairy Queen treats. What a delight! And didn’t your parents used to take you for drives when you were a kid?

Nice, cheap thrills….but now I must really get back to this stack of unopened bills…..ick.