Holiday weekend!  Nothing like a 3-day weekend after your first week of work!  I’m still getting re-used to the up-and-out-the-door world and coming home at 6pm and having to prepare dinner.  Lots of stuff swimming through my head…

  • I’m now “the pet lady” at work…everyone who meets me has to tell me all about their pets 🙂  (I hope this doesn’t get old)
  • Rosie…just shut up.
  • Grilling is the best! Everything is better on a grill…
  • Our school district is requiring kids to go to school for 1/2 day Tuesday…after a 3-day weekend!  That’s the last day of school….how dumb!  One class actually has 2 finals!  Prediction;  1/2 the kids will be absent.
  • Hubby is watching a b/w movie…I hate to “waste” my day doing that.
  • Daughter and BF came home for weekend…that’s been nice.
  • MIL still having walking problems…being old sucks.  I exercise now so that won’t happen to me then.
  • I’m happiest with a house full of people.  I like to entertain!
  • I need to go do something now.