I am so mad!  Someone got into my LOCKED car and stole my purse while I was WORKING  at a pet event today….okay, I know I shouldn’t’ve have left it in the car…my bad.  But now they have my cell phone, my driver’s license, my social security card, various credit cards, , check book, insurance card, library card, etc. + my favorite wooden New Orleans pen, all my lipsticks and various other cosmetics, my cute wallet, 1-month-old purse, a couple important lists, etc.

I’m angry!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’ve been violated!  I spent over 2 hours on the phone today (mostly on hold) canceling all those cards and now I have to go to the BMV and the SSC as well…and no doubt wait in line there, too.  AAAAAAGH!!!!

Here’s the amusing side of it, though….I’ve been totally inconvenienced by it all, but all the thieves got out of it was lunch at McDonalds and some gasoline….cards were denied at K-Mart, Lowes, and 2 different CVS’s.   The checkbook is out of checks, my bank account has no  money (another story;  didn’t get my first paycheck yesterday!), the cards are maxed out and won’t work, and the cell phone is suspended so that won’t even work for them! hahaha  They picked the wrong purse to steal.

So……now I have to go buy a new cell phone, wallet, lipstick, etc. etc.  and hope that none of the business cards in my purse are ones I’ll be needing… But I can’t get those things right now, because I don’t have a debit card…or cash…or a charge card….or a checkbook!

Lemons… Life keeps giving me lemons….