Yeah, Fridays always feel so much better than Mondays.  Today we’re leaving work a bit early and heading directly up to Chicago to pick up K3 at Grandma’s.  Today is his 14th birthday, so I know its strange for him to be away from home on that day.  He’s had a fun week, however, being spoiled by the grandma he doesn’t get to see very much.

Also going on:

* Trying to reach sales goal for first real month at new website

* Meeting every (crazy) pet person in Central Indiana

* shocked at the cocaine bust of a neighbor 3-doors down from us! RICO even cleared out the house of everything the same afternoon he was taken away in handcuffs!  Part of a big 36-person drug bust!

*  Missing my dogs, on this “take your dog to work day”

* Feeling pretty good about getting back into running routine and losing a couple of pounds this week!  (thanks in no small part to drinking 40 oz. of water a day!

* Celebrating the first real rain since Memorial Day!  Our trees have been in shock, and garden…well, there WAS a garden there…