I remember 14 years ago…it was my 3rd child and since my ob/gyn had yet to make it to one of my deliveries, we decided to schedule this one. I figured, Great! #2 was born 20 minutes after we hit the hospital…#3 would also come popping out once they started me on a little medicine to kick up the contractions. Ah…NO. Took all day…boring day, waiting day…until finally just after 4pm, little K3 finally showed his face to the world. And I do say “little” because we were expecting over 10 pounds and he was a “tiny” 8 lbs. 9 ounces. Again, different from #2, who was a strapping 9’7″.

And now he’s 14 years old! How can that be….he had a fun weekend, collecting gifts and cake and being in the spotlight…which is what he truly lives for; being in the spotlight! This is the one we’ve always said will take David Letterman’s chair when he finally retires 🙂

Clothes horse, ladies man, athlete, funny life of the party…that’s K3! He truly sees the world differently that most of us do.