It is so shocking to us that Buster, tho 11 years old, was a happy, healthy dog until last Thursday. That was the day he had a seizure & we found out he has incurable cancer and an enlarged heart with a tumor on it…One day he was seemingly perfectly normal…the next he was quite sick.

He had a bad weekend; we took him for a short walk on Saturday since it was such a beautiful day, but he literally collapsed 2 blocks in…the rest of the weekend he’s barely moved and refuses to eat. My velcro dog doesn’t follow me, won’t come to me if I call, etc….just lays and looks pitiful, and thumps his tail at me. Even my teenaged son thinks its time to put him out of his misery. sigh How sad. How fast. I’m really not ready to say goodbye. My poor Buster.

Then suddenly this afternoon he seems a little perkier. He’s sitting some, rather than just laying on the couch; he follows me, etc. Partly because K3 got him to eat some food…that must’ve made him feel better. Maybe we have a couple more days after all. <sigh>