It is still sad to not have Buster around.  Calmer, with “only” two dogs, but still very sad.  Especially since he was MY dog…followed me around like my shadow.  I miss kissing the side of his warm face.

We’re planning a vacation this weekend.  Well, in a financially strapped world, we’re calling it a vacation.  We’re driving 3-4 hours to a crowded campground, putting up a tent in near darkness, and trying to sleep the night.  Then, we get up and spend the day Saturday at the beach with the maid of honor from my wedding (25 –cough cough- years ago!) and her family.  I look forward to that part!  Then, 3-4 hours drive the next day, back home.  No vacation days until end of August;  90 days after starting the new job.  It will be a cheap and quick “vacation” but a nice break, nonetheless.