Charlie and I went running this morning and when we got back in the car I noticed some wild animal running around in wide circles in someone’s front lawn. What the?! Turned out to be a young raccoon with a ravioli can firmly stuck on his head, all the way past his ears. Who knows how long he’d been walking around in circles? Anyway…I went over and grabbed it and tried to get it off, but it was stuck. Chased that thing around 2 yards, catching it about 4 times, pulling at the can, and having it hissing and growling at me from inside the can. (I’m sure the neighbors got quite a laugh watching us…maybe I’ll show up on YouTube!) Finally, I took Charlie’s leash and wrapped it around its body to get a better grip outside those busy paws and yanked the can ’till finally it came off, amid many screams and growls. The little guy shook his head and ran away. I brought the can home so he wouldn’t get stuck again! Unfortunately it didn’t even occur to me to take a picture with my new camera/phone 😦 But I know that raccoon couldn’t possibly have lived and another raccoon couldn’t even have pulled the can off…stuck too well. 🙂