I am home alone.  For days.  Alone.  No kids.  No husband.  Alone.  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

K#1 is moving into an apartment for her final year at college…has a boyfriend and younger brother to help her.  That means K3 is with her for the next couple days, sacrificing “having” to play with her adorable 9-week old Yorkie puppy in between hauling some boxes.

K2 and hubby are both at Band Camp this week.  That’s right.  High school band camp.  At a university.  Hubby is producing a reality film about it…wants to call it “One time, at Band Camp…”  Oh, the drama…the angst…the humidity and 90 degree temps!  Should be a real, er….memorable time.

And me?  Left all alone at home.  Darn.  Last night I relaxed in bed, watching a movie with the cat.  Tonight a friend is coming over to help me organize beads so a bunch of moms can make bracelets for a (band) fundraiser.   Hey, if some wine gets poured, so be it.

<sigh>  Nice week.  Nice, quiet week in a clean house.