I can’t believe time flies this quickly.  And its STILL 90+ degrees here!  And 90+% humidity…I hate it.  Really.  I should live somewhere where I could wear sweatshirts and shorts year-round.

I totally blew off running last week, due to the heat.  Well duh, I wasn’t thinking about my h.s. reunion this coming weekend and how I was supposed to lose 10 pounds for it! Uh-oh…thank goodness for Spanx 🙂

Boys are back to school…daughter is starting classes next week for her final year of college;  its a big year for us.  She’s graduating college, K2’s  graduating h.s., K3 is graduating 8th grade, we’re celebrating 25 blissful 😉 years of marriage…and I’m starting my masters!  Whew!

Here’s a great pic of K3 and D2 (Charlie!)…