Time continues to fly out of control…its nearly Labor Day! This is always a rather frenetic time of year in any family’s household. Back to school always means forms to fill out, fees to pay, and games to attend. Oh yes, and fundraisers. Anyone out there need some nice wrapping paper? Or a magazine subscription extension? K2 and K3 can help you…

In the midst of everything work and class-related, I also opened my mouth too many times to volunteer my services. I’m now in charge of making bracelets for the high school marching band to sell at football games, etc as a fundraiser to help raise money for the March Dublin trip. They’re nice bracelets…we hope to sell 100 @ appr. $15. profit each…much better than selling more cookie dough 🙂

Then there’s the Women’s Retreat for church later in September, for which I agreed to help design bracelets for. I need to order the beads, put together 120 bracelet “kits”, and lead a “class” so people can DIY.

And kitties…..We have a new kitty! The long awaited ‘Puma’ has arrived at our house with a blaze of activity. He’s skinny and long-legged and very active; I’d forgotten how funny kittens can be! He has more fun with a single cotton ball than I’ve had in a long time. He’s a rather unusual breed that we acquired from a local shelter…ocicat. They apparently came from Siamese and Abyssinian, look rather wild, but are actually quite dog-like in their personality. I’ll get back to you on that….they’re supposed to be highly trainable on a leash, etc.